Seminars PSE Europe 2019

In addition to the impressive exhibits on display, a high-quality seminar programme will offer insights into the latest trends, innovations and developments within the Polyurethane industry. 

Both visitors and exhibitors of PSE Europe 2019 are invited to attend the seminar free of charge.

Seminars PSE Europe 2019

The seminar programme focuses on the key areas materials, sustainability, applications, as well as processes and machinery.


Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The first day of the seminar focuses on raw materials used to manufacture polyurethane including a dedicated section for renewable materials, recycling and sustainability.

11:00am Expandable Graphite – A mineral non-halogen intumescent flame retardant and its benefits for polyurethane applications
  Mr. Klaus Rathberger, GEORG H. LUH GMBH

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12:30pm Lunch Break


Presented by Dr. Wolfgang Friederichs, Editor-in-Chief, PU Magazine International / PU Magazin, Dr. Gupta Verlags GmbH

13:30pm New EU Waste Legislation: What does it mean for the end of life of flexible PU foam?
  Mr. Michel Baumgartner, EUROPUR

14:00pm Sustainable release agents for polyurethanes - new features and ecofriendly formulations
  Dr. Marc Schürmann, Bomix Chemie GmbH

14:30pm Recycling: From post-consumer PU foams to virgin PU sealants and elastomers
  Mr. Kai Klockemann, Nitroil® Performance Chemicals


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

On day two, the programme highlights the enormous potential of Polyurethane and illustrates how the material supports the progress of innovative applications, within many different industries.

10:00am Individual PU and EP cast solutions
  Mr. Hendrik Bobach, ebalta Kunststoff GmbH

10:30am Low CTE, High Temperature Tooling Solutions
  Dr. Massimiliano Motta, DUNA-Corradini S.p.A.

11:00am Development of PU potentials using simulation
  Mr. Steffen Paul, Simpatec GmbH

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11:30am Multifunctionality in Polyurethane Applications by Changing Processing Parameters
  Mr. Widyanto Surjoseputro, Mahr Unipre GmbH

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12:00pm Reactive Technologies: Protecting PU Foam Qualities, Enhancing Cast Elastomer Colors
  Mr. Antoni Puig, Milliken

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13:00pm Lunch Break

14:00pm OBoSonic® High Performance Acoustical Foam Systems - Ready for the future!
  Mr. Guido Hagel, FoamPartner Germany GmbH

14:30pm Novel Hydrophobic Polyether Polyols for Polyurethane Foam and Elastomer Application
  Mr. Warren Song, Jiahua Chemicals Inc.


Modern solutions for car acoustic with polyurethane foam
  Dr. Ulrich Fehrenbacher, RÜHL PUROMER GmbH; Dr. David Spitzer, Charlotte Baur Formschaumtechnik GmbH

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Processes & Machinery

Thursday, 28 March 2019

The third day of the seminar concentrates on the world of production processes and machines within the industry.

10:00am A metering and mixing machine to process resin systems at high temperatures precisely.
  Dr. Maximilian Schäfer, Dekumed Kunststoff- und Maschinenvertrieb GmbH & Co KG

10:30am Verarbeitung von Blähgraphit als Flammschutz - Maschinen- und Prozesstechnik
  Dr. Wolfgang Raffelt, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

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11:00am Innovative PU Pouring Solutions
  Mr. Stijn Langie, Exypnos

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12:00pm Efficient carpet backfoaming through fully electric tool carriers.
  Mr. Michael Jordan, FRIMO Group GmbH, Lotte

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12:30pm Disruptive Reactive Extrusion-Molding Technology of Thermoset PUR for New High Performance and Sustainable Construction Plastics
  Mr. Pablo Rodríguez, INDRESMAT BV

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