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BESTFOAM is manufacturer of band knives and band saws. We use in our production the highest quality steel available and ultimate technology for welding and sharpening.
PUR Chemicals Solutions came later with specialized experience people and focus to chemicals only, as the group already is manufacturing blades, cutting units, and spare parts. Therefore, we are able to provide not only the chemicals related to PU industry, but also foaming machines, processing machines, cutting blades and spare parts, as well as technical assistance on production trials, start-up, sizing, development, new chemicals test or any other requests.

Products & Services

BESTFOAM offers a wide range of products:
- band knives and band saws
- cutting wires
- chemical products: polyols, isocyanates, amine/tin catalysts, silicone surfactants, color pigments, flame retardants, processing additives, adhesives;
- scrap trim foam;
- foam cutting machines.

PSE Europe Product Categories

  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Polyols
  • Polyols » Polyether
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Isocyanates
  • Isocyanates » MDI polymeric
  • Isocyanates » MDI prepolymer
  • Isocyanates » TDI 80/20
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Catalysts
  • Catalysts » Amines
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Blowing Agents
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Surfactants and emulsifiers
  • Surfactants and emulsifiers » Silicone Foam control
  • Surfactants and emulsifiers » Foam stabilisers
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Mould release agents
  • Mould release agents » Silicone external mould release agent
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Additives
  • Additives » Antistatics
  • Additives » Flame retardants
  • Additives » Scorch inhibitors
  • Additives » UV stabilisers
  • Additives » Antioxidants
  • Additives » Others
  • Raw materials and auxiliaries » Colourants
  • PU Systems
  • PU Systems » Flexible Foam Systems
  • PU Systems » Rigid Foam Systems
  • PU Systems » C.A.S.E. Systems
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Foaming lines
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Moulding
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Cutting
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Tools & components

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Popa Marius
Principala street, no. 200, Buzias city, Timis county, Romania

Tel: 0040744920258

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22nd January 2019
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