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Bomix Chemie GmbH provides complete solutions for polyurethane refinement - Covering PU: development, high-quality products and competent service on-site.

From innovative release agents to In-Mould-Coatings and high-quality post-coating systems, Bomix offers a wide range of products. The portfolio is rounded off with suitable PU pigment preparations and a variety of auxiliary products e.g. mould- and part cleaners.

All products are customised solutions tailored to the respective market requirements. The product solutions are developed in close collaboration with customers and offer added value for a broad field of niche markets worldwide – Mobility, Lifestyle, B&C and Health/Rehab.

Bomix has been part of the Berlac Group since 2003.

Products & Services

Bomix® Release Agents
- Ultra matt surfaces
- Individual haptic
- Low VOC / VOC free
- Depending on customer requirements as solvent- or water-based systems available

Bomix® Coatings and Bomix® Mould Coatings
- Functional features (conductive, flame retardant, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, antimicrobial and soft-feel / anti-slip)
- Surface design and visual effects
- Sustainable
- Depending on customer requirements as 1- or 2 component systems on solvent- or water base available

Bomix® Fingerprint System
- Product identification
- Non-copyable
- Invisible
- can be integrated into your own system or Bomix systems according to customer requirements

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PSE Europe Product Categories

  • Mould release agents » Silicone external mould release agent
  • Mould release agents » Wax external mould release agent
  • Auxiliaries » In-mould coatings

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Laila Henriksen
Bomix Chemie GmbH
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Press Releases

All press releases for BOMIX CHEMIE GMBH are listed in chronological order and can be downloaded as PDF or Word files.

15th January 2019
Neue Generation von Trennmittel und Lack-Systemen für PU
Download full press release (388.1 KB)

15th January 2019
New generation of release agents and coating systems for PU
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Contact Details

Laila Henriksen
Gildeweg 6-10
D - 48291 Telgte

Tel: +49 (0) 2504 924 35
Fax: +49 (0) 2504 15 42

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