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Machines and plants for Polyurethanes and Resins:
From mattresses to transformers, from PU foam insulation to waterproofing coating, from set design to boating, from the consolidation of trains’ ballast to motorcycle air filters, from machine for pultrusion plants to those for production of polyurethane’s blocks, to the agglomerate colouring line, from sandwich panels for clean rooms to soundproofing panels: we manufacture machines that manufacture your products.
Engineering and manufacturing of special machines. Reliability, Custom tailoring, Service: three key words that lead our special machines’ manufacturing process, conceived and realized to satisfy a specific requirements, perform a specific
task, manufacture unique objects.
Our mission is to support Companies in their core business, and in the global market.
We owe our growth to companies that have choice us. We thank them putting professionalism in our job. Your problem is our problem. The solution is a must.

Products & Services

Magma is a Company specialized in the production of machinery and plant for the application of polyurethane, epoxy, phenolic, silicon resins, etc.: Hot Spray machines for PUR/PIR foams and eleastomeric coating, portioning machines, Low & Medium pressure machines for dosing and pouring, machines to produce PUR blocks ( in discontinuous) re bonding machines, PIR foam adhesion promoter dispensers, PU foams, eleastomers, CASE portioning, dosing, dispensing machines and plant. rubber granules impregnation and bonding machines and plants. Special realizations and made to order machines plant.

PSE Europe Product Categories

  • Foaming lines » Rigid slabstock lines
  • Foaming lines » Flexible slabstock lines
  • Moulding » Injection moulding
  • Moulding » Low pressure injection moulding
  • Spray equipment » High pressure spraying equipment
  • Spray equipment » Low pressure spraying equipment
  • Spray equipment » Hoses
  • Spray equipment » Pumps
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Mixing heads
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » RIM / RRIM
  • Handling & robotics » Precision dispensing
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Others
  • Services » Recycling

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Marco Quirino
Via Dell'Artigianato 9/11- 28042 BELLINZAGO N.SE - ITALY

Tel: +39 348 297 93 95
Fax: +39 0321 98 73 22

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4th February 2019
Machines for Polyurethane by Magma ... lift a building.
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Contact Details

Marco Quirino
Via Dell'Artigianato 9/11- 28042 BELLINZAGO N.SE - ITALY

Tel: +39 348 297 93 95
Fax: +39 03210987322

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