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Meter Mix and Dispense Machines for the production and application of single & multi-component synthetic resins, such as Polyurethane, Epoxy or Silicone. The TARTLER name stand for innovative engineering in synthetic resin dosing and mixing technology for more than 35 years. Wind power, automotive, aerospace, marine or electrical industries - wherever single or multi-component synthetic resins are processed, TARTLER low-pressure systems are in use. Mischen "is possible" ‚ our company slogan says what we have proven several times. Whether large viscosity difference or extreme mixing ratio applications: Mixing is possible!

Products & Services

TARTLER intelligent modular design, continuous improvement and close cooperation with material manufacturers ensure that we provide every customer a high quality, cutting edge technology solution. Our special services include the development, design and installation of complete production systems with varying application technology such as robotic or other automated handling systems, winding devices, vacuum systems and many more.

MDM-Series: small and compact for liquid components >>Output from 0.05l/min up to 3.5l/min<<
NODOPUR for liquid medias
>>Output from 0.1l/min up to 50l/min<<
NODOPOX for pasty components
>> Output of up to 30l/min<<
TARDOSIL for liquid + pasty media
>>Output of up to 30l/min<<

PSE Europe Product Categories

  • Moulding » Low pressure injection moulding
  • Processing machinery, systems & equipment » Mixing heads
  • RIM / RRIM » Meter / Mix / Dispense

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Press Releases

All press releases for TARTLER GMBH are listed in chronological order and can be downloaded as PDF or Word files.

22nd February 2019
Unified line for minimal-quantity users
Download full press release (325.9 KB)

22nd February 2019
Geschlossene Linie für Minimalmengen-Anwender
Download full press release (1.5 MB)

29th January 2019
Small-Quantity Dosing of Synthetic Resins - TARTLER MDM 4
Download full press release (402.0 KB)

29th January 2019
Dynamic 2K Cartridge Mixer Attachment - TARTLER LC-DCM
Download full press release (229.6 KB)

29th January 2019
Tischgerät für 2K Kleinmengen-Dosierung - TARTLER MDM 4
Download full press release (576.6 KB)

29th January 2019
2K Dynamisch Mischen mit TARTLER Kartuschenmischer LC-DCM
Download full press release (218.5 KB)

Contact Details

Nadine Kalt
Relystrasse 48

Tel: +496061 9672-11

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