Here, exhibitors can find information relating to their participation in the show.

Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd is not connected in any way to, Expo Guide or Construct Data Verlag AG and distances itself completely from these companies.


Here, exhibitors can find various forms for download and reference. The information on this page is regularly added to and updated throughout.

PSE Europe Logos

All logos shown on this site are protected by copyright and may only be used by registered exhibitors to announce their participation at the event.

JPG files for use on your desktop computer

PSE Europe Logo (RGB - 331KB)
PSE Europe 2017 Logo with dates (RGB - 550KB)

EPS files (newspapers and magazine adverts, brochures, leaflets etc.)

PSE Europe Logo (CMYK - 1.82MB)
PSE Europe 2017 Logo with dates (CMYK - 873KB)

Exhibitor Schedule

We will contact exhibitors with reminder emails and other information mailings for new deadlines and service descriptions in order to facilitate the show preparation. All services and deadlines relate to the current planning status and are subject to change.

Last updated February 2017

When? What? Contact
December 2016 Exhibitor Log-in data sent out
December 2016 Exhibitor list and Company profiles go live on the website
January 2017 Show planner goes live
February 2017 Promotional tools go live
Visitor information brochure available
February 2017 Seminar program available
March 2017 Exhibitor registration live
Voucher orders open
March 2017 Exhibitor Handbook live Kristin Fuchs
Spring 2017 Entry forms for PSE Show Preview available
April 2017 Visitor registration live
May 2017 Show Preview available
June 2017 Deadline for Show Guide
27 – 29 June 2017 PSE Europe 2017

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